Ugh I don’t even think it matters if I use tumblr mobile because I deleted it and my iPad stil says I only have 2.5 gigs left. This is the end probably. This is what happened to my iPod it would always say it had no memory and once I deleted everything it still had no memory and then it crashed. I hope this last till Christmas. I hope I get a laptop. I’m kinda really upset right now. I’m afraid to reload the app because what if it takes my last 2.5 gigs?

My words what should i do

Ugh I never realized how awful my theme was to people not on mobile. Sorry, hopefully this one is better


Fact: Unlike their pansexual counterparts, bisexuals can’t see into the future, however they can hear into the future. Supposedly, the next Arctic Monkeys album is pretty decent.

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I don’t think I’ll be using tumblr mobile anymore it’s taking up 3 gigs on my iPad. Just gonna use the slow browser version. Ugh.